Possible causes

Connection error

If the stove has just been installed and connected, you should always remember a possible connection error. In principle, cooktops can also be connected to 230 V luminous flux instead of to three-phase current. Due to the high connection performance, however, only a maximum of two of the four hot plates can work. Especially with older apartments, there are such connections again and again.

Of course it could also be a faulty connection (connections wrongly connected) behind it. However, only a specialist can find that out by appropriate measurements. This results in where the error could lie in the occupancy. It also determines if the necessary jumpers are all in place and if all the phases are present at the connection.

fuse defective

A cooker usually has three fuses. In case of a defect of two fuses, it could be that two plates still work, but not the rest anymore. The fuses are installed in the stove and not visible to the layman.

Heating circuit defective

In principle, there is also the possibility that a complete heating circuit has broken down. In this case, a repair may be a bit more expensive.

Check your own actions

in the fuse box that all fuses have been switched on

  • if the stove has just been connected, switch off fuses in the fuse box and have the stove connection checked by an electrician
  • contact customer service or household appliance repair service
  • Tips & TricksNever you should try an electric cooker yourself to join, complete or join. Such work may only be carried out by the electrician and the corresponding measuring instruments are required for the test. Heavy current is ALWAYS deadly!
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