Trapezoidal sheets 3. Choice fulfill their purpose

The popular and inexpensive material trapezoidal sheet metal is often also offered as a special item in 3rd choice quality. The panels still have their technical properties, the defects are mostly optical nature. However, these are partially visible and the sheets therefore more suitable for construction projects such as stables or tool sheds.

3rd choice - still a good choice

In DIY, steel sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm are used; in commercial buildings, 0.75 mm thick material is used. Aluminum sheet is another material, stainless steel is rarely used.

The 3rd choice Sheets usually show visible optical defects, but can be used without any problems when used in storage rooms or garden sheds. The offers of the manufacturers and retailers are sometimes very cheap, but you have a price guarantee not, since cheap 3rd choice trapezoidal sheets are in great demand.

Anyone who is willing to cut the material for the laying itself, will find in the offer of the 3rd choice quality enough choice in shape and color. Special items with sheets in different lengths are also offered as a package or at pallet price.

The prices of Internet providers

3rd Choice Trapezoidal sheets are already available at a special price of 1, - Euro / square meter, usually the prices are between 2, - and 8, - Euro per square meter.

  • has 3rd choice items as remaining stock and unique items on offer.
  • at special items can be requested on the website.
  • has cheap trapezoidal sheets 3rd choice in the offer.
  • is an Austrian provider of material 3rd choice.
Tips & TricksIf you only want to cover a garden shed or a garage, where the appearance does not play a predominant role, look for pallets of trapezoidal sheets. These are usually panels in different lengths that have to be cut to size.
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