1. Use wall tattoos for walls and steps. For this purpose, there are countless repossessable wall stickers to buy, which can be stuck to various, clean surfaces. Tape 2. Wallpaper your steps! Of course not the gigs, but the vertical risers. Bring life into your stairwell, for example, with a hip 70s wallpaper. Coat the wallpaper with wallpaper protection paint, the so-called "elephant skin". Versch 3. Beautify your staircase with stencil patterns that you can make yourself or buy from a specialist dealer. Dab the desired color on the wall or on the steps and enjoy the aesthetic patterns.

4. A great idea for enthusiastic collectors: Assemble a saucer collection in many different decors, the dishes may be quiet inexpensive. Attach the saucers as a colorful mix with a special hanging on the wall in the stairwell.

  • 5. For cool freaks: try out the St. Petersburg hanging in your staircase: Hang numerous pictures in different frames close to the wall, the individual works may well be slightly inclined.
  • 6. Special idea for the Christmas season: Decorate your railing with a lush garland of artificial fir branches, pine cones, Christmas balls and bells. That ensures a real Christmas spirit!
  • 7. How about a special lighting for your staircase? With LED strips and LED hoses, you can make your staircase very flexible without having to pry open the wall or drill holes.
  • 8. Also halogen spotlights in the steps are doing very well, but are associated with a greater effort than the chic LED strips. Decide on dimmable lights and immerse your staircase in the evening in a dim light. Stick 9. Embroidery frame pictures are not at all out: With modern patterns and colors, the self-created works adorn each staircase individually. Many matching embroidery pictures look really good!
  • Tips & TricksIf you are looking for a rather narrow stairwell with low light, pay attention to bright colors and provide additional lighting. Spacious staircases can tolerate quite a few darker shades.
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