A shapely mansard roof - what costs are incurred?

The special shape of the mansard roof inspires many homeowners. The construction is relatively complicated, so it costs much more than a simple pitched roof. What price do you have to expect?

The mansard roof: reasons for the higher costs

This roof form is named after its first builder, the architect Mansard. Basically, the mansard roof consists of two sections: a very steep construction in the lower part, followed by a flat roof.

The mansard roof not only looks nice, it also creates a lot of space on the upper floor of the house. Therefore, the higher investment can be worthwhile, which is due to the fact that the special arrangement of the rafters is very complex.

Covering a mansard roof requires more time, the reason is the very steep roof slope in the lower section. Saddle roofs have a significantly lower degree of inclination.

Guidelines for the mansard roof costs

A mansard roof costs about 40% more than a simple pitched roof, with an integrated dormer it is even more expensive. This means that you have to expect at least 80 EUR per square meter to erect your roof truss, in many cases even more.

The costs for covering your roof are based on the material used. They will probably not be below EUR 40 per square meter.

The thermal insulation of a mansard roof does not have an increased price per square meter, but both more work and a higher material consumption is necessary because the roof area is simply larger.

Cost example for a mansard roof

A new house receives a mansard roof with a large roof area of ​​280 sqm. The roof truss costs in this case EUR 90 per square meter, the covering costs EUR 65 per square meter.

Costs overviewPrice
Rooftop25,200 EUR
Cover18,200 EUR
Thermal insulation16,800 EUR
Total60,200 EUR

A loft with high quality of living

The attic under the mansard roof is equivalent to another floor for your house, in bricked condition would also raise costs.

Tips & TricksConsult yourself in good time to your local construction office as to whether mansard roofs are permitted in your area.
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