A bottle can be bisected by simple means

Glass has a peculiarity that few people know or can recognize. The material is strictly speaking physically a liquid material that solidifies by hypothermia. This feature can be used to halve a bottle without having to saw or cut. Heat and cooling are sufficient.

Halving without cutting or sawing

If you want to halve a bottle in the transverse direction, you do not need to cut the material. The specific material properties make it possible to provide a kind of controlled fracture by selective partial heating and cooling in order to separate the bottle parts.

What works crosswise, however, is not possible in the longitudinal direction. For this a Dremel is needed. From a bottle without bottom can be tinker decorative lanterns.

How to halve a bottle of glass

    • Combustible cord /
    • Copper wire
    • Cold water
    • Ice cube
    • Flame source (candle, Bunsen burner)
    • Dremel
    • Water bucket
    • Emery paper

1. Set heat marker

There are three different ways to use heat markers and conductors , With a Dremel or a hard scratching tool you have to carve the desired breaking edge around the bottle belly. Alternatively, wrap a flammable cord, cord, or copper wire around the cylinder at the desired height. Important is the close concern of the marker.

2. Heat the bottle

Turn the bottle over a candle or Bunsen burner so that the marker heats up. A string should "burn off" all around, a copper wire should glow and a scratch should become milky.

3. Immerse the bottle

Immerse the heated bottle in a bucket of cold water to cool. With added ice cubes you strengthen the necessary "cold shock". If the lower part of the bottle does not fall off on the first dive, repeat the procedure. By the third passage at the latest, the halves divide. Ent 4. Defuse break edges

You can defuse the sharp break edges with 200 grit sandpaper. With skillful rotating movements over the flame source, you can also round off the edges by melting.

Tips & TricksBe careful when immersing the heated glass bottle. The hotter the glass is at the marker, the cleaner and faster it breaks. The bucket should not be too deep, so that the drop height of the peeling bottle part remains moderate.

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