Desk with a difference - trendy and smart ideas for your workplace

For many, working in your own home is also a place of creativity and inspiration. So what could be more obvious than having creativity in the design of the desk, and to go completely different ways? Some ideas and inspirations can be found in this post.

Requirements for the workplace

Despite all creativity, some workplace requirements should always be met:

  • It should be ergonomic and allow for fatigue-free work
  • It should be large enough for all work to be done
  • It should offer enough storage space
  • Despite all the design ideas should a work surface always be tidy and tidy - this helps to stay productive

Ideas for individual desk creations

  • Desk made of pallets
  • Desk made of old cot
  • Desk / workplace in the bookshelf
  • Desk in a wall recess
  • Workplace in the kitchen

Desk made Pallets

Building a desk from a pallet is currently very much in vogue. The designs for various models are numerous and there are hardly any limits to creativity. The best way to cover the work surface at the desk with a matching glass plate.

Desk with an old cot

With an open worktop, the old cot, which is no longer needed, turns into a perfect workplace in no time at all. The grille on the front must be removed, but it can be used to create a under-counter shelf. Cost: only worktop and mounting hardware.

Desk / workplace in the bookshelf

Since there are bookshelves, there are also (auszubare or foldable) shelves that can serve as a workplace. Particularly interesting: The solution saves a lot of space and storage space and shelves are also available in the bookshelf sufficient. Some room dividers for DIY use also have worktable elements. If not available, you can easily replace a shelf with a self-made countertop and get so also its integrated desk.

Desk in a wall recess

A simple wall recess can be converted into a workplace at any time. All that is needed is a worktop, and if necessary, a roll container. Done is the hidden, very space-saving workplace.

Workplace in the kitchen

Leaving a part of a very large kitchen unit without base cabinets and transforming it into a workstation was initially an idea from Ikea. Of course, it works the same way with any kitchen unit.

Tips & TricksJust in small apartments, there are many ways to accommodate a workplace quite space-saving, yet comfortable. Often this has a very special charm.
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