A downpipe provides rainwater drainage

A downpipe drains the rainwater collected by the gutter into the sewage system for optimal drainage. It is adapted in the water absorption capacity and size to the gutter.

Color selection and size

Gutters are available in different colors to match the gutter. You can choose from gray, brown, anthracite, green, white, silver or copper tone.

Observe regulations

There are certain regulations for downspouts. Each pipe must be placed at least 2 cm away from the building wall. Downpipe clamps prevent slipping. Pipe pieces on Einhangstutzen must be secured by additional holding devices.

If the diameter is up to 100 mm, the distance of the downpipe clamp to the gutter may not exceed three meters; if the diameter is larger, the distance should not exceed two meters. For rainwater harvesting downpipes can be provided with a rainwater flap.

The materials

The choice of material is plastic, zinc, copper, aluminum or stainless steel. Plastic is cheaper, the metal pipes have their individual properties.

Titanium zinc is extremely durable, the durability is further extended by the resulting patina over the years. Copper is the most durable material ever, it is relatively expensive, but the price pays off over the years. Aluminum is relatively stable, lightweight and does not rust.

Quick and easy installation is important for a downpipe

  • Aging and color stability
  • Dimensional stability and accuracy of fit
  • Resilience and impact resistance
  • Weathering, temperature and UV resistance.
  • Prices of the suppliers

Dachbaustoffe.de offers a plastic downpipe, copper colored, DN 53, 1 meter long, for 5.99 euros, in a length of 2 meters it costs 11, 79 euros. For the dimension DN 90 you pay 8,51 Euro for 1 running meter, for 3 running meters the price is 25,22 Euro.

  • At blechshop.de, a downpipe made of zinc costs 7.63 euros per meter.
  • At dachrinnen-shop.de a downpipe made of zinc in DN 60 is available for 7,82 Euro, the same size in copper version costs 18,74 Euro.
  • Tips & TricksWith a downpipe special effects can be achieved, they can underline the contours of the roof. Either they are color-matched to the gutter system or color accents are set.
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