Sandstone façade is varied

Sandstone façades used to be very common in the past and today. Since the static stability of sandstone is limited, masonry and facades are clad with panels. The textures and colors range from almost evenly colored to grain patterns from bright white and yellow to gray to red and brown.

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If you are looking for visual inspiration for possible sandstone facades, take pictures of buildings you like. A stonemason can use the pictures to tell you pretty well where to find this sort of sandstone or a very similar material.

The costs for installing a cladding made of sandstone are lower for new buildings than for old buildings. Often, in old masonry precautions must be taken to ensure the static durability of the anchorages. As a rough guideline, you must calculate at least one hundred euros per square meter.

If the sandstone façade is properly impregnated, it is weather-resistant and can be sandblasted at intervals of five to ten years. A maintenance cleaning is eliminated.

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