A flat roof duct protects cables and chimney openings

A flat roof duct is used to seal the pipes of solar and air conditioning systems as well as photovoltaic, antenna and mobile radio systems. Another purpose is the implementation of stainless steel chimneys through roofing and ceilings of flat roofs.

Practical flat roof ducts

  • are available in various diameters
  • can be swiveled through 360 degrees
  • enable height adjustment
  • have a flexible and modular design
  • are designed for easy cable entry

material and size

Depending on the application, the material is PVC, hot-dip galvanized Steel or stainless steel used. Different sizes are available, standard diameters are 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm, for both the plastic and stainless steel versions. Flach The flat roof ducts are easy to transport and easy to install on site. Partially they have a flange or an integrated connection sleeve. A distinction is made between single and double flange.

A single flange is used in a bituminous or roofing membrane. For the attachment of the flat roof leadthrough with two sheets of bitumen or sealing membrane, this comes with double flange and two connection sleeves for execution.

Retrofitting possible

The ducts are embedded in the new building, retrofitting is easily possible. They offer the possibility of occupancy with different cables and pipes, a removable insert allows for easy reloading and reloading,

Gooseneck roof outlets are flexible and have an adjustable drip hood. The segments can be assembled on site. The cables can be pulled in easily, that the pipe bend is placed later.

The gooseneck can be changed in height and direction after mounting the base plate. If additionally a sealing insert is bought, a variable assignment can be carried out at any time. Also with the gooseneck version different diameters are available.

Prices and suppliers

The price for a gooseneck flat roof duct made of PVC, DN 150, is around 150, - Euro. A flat roof duct for stainless steel fireplaces costs about 60 Euro in the same size.

fleckdach.de has a flat roof bushing in gooseneck shape in the range.

  • hauff-technik.de also offers roof ducts.
  • dachbaustoffe.de sells a passage for the flat roof also in Schwanenform.
  • schornsteinwelt-grosshandel.de offers flat roof ducts made of stainless steel for chimneys.
  • lemphirz.de is a manufacturer of galvanized roof penetrations in hot dip galvanized design.
  • Tips & tricksSlate roof ducts made of stainless steel are particularly suitable for chimneys, for mobile masts galvanized steel is used.
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