A flat roof made of wood enables economical constructions

A flat wooden roof is chosen as a favorable variant for garden houses, carports or garages. It is also an alternative for residential buildings, offering economical roof structures with large spans and a high degree of prefabrication.

Stylish flat roof

Basically, a wooden flat roof is just like other flat roofs. It must have a thermal insulation and a flat roof seal must also be applied.

The definition flat roof stands for roof structures with little or no roof pitch. A waterproof layer is to be applied over the entire roof surface. A distinction is made between warm and cold roofs, the warm roof is considered as an unventilated roof, the cold roof is a ventilated roof.

Strength and dryness

According to the regulations, roof structures made of solid wood must have a certain strength. They may only be installed dry and have only a maximum wood moisture. This is 15% for unventilated roofs, and up to 20% for ventilated roofs.

As already mentioned, the roof seal is an important part of the wooden flat roof. If it does not work properly, mold may form due to the moisture entering the roof truss.

Wood is divided into usage classes. This is determined by

  • its physical properties
  • the strength and stiffness properties
  • the suitability for the respective application: dry, damp, outside

prices and suppliers

For a running meter of solid construction timber made of spruce or pine, you pay just under 8.30 euros. Impregnated battens cost just under 50 cents, but these often have too high a residual moisture content.

  • bauder.de is a manufacturer of flat roof superstructures of all kinds, also for wooden constructions. -Holz-ahmerkamp.de has a large selection of lumber for wooden flat roofs. U- eu-baustoffhandel.de has construction timber and roof battens in its product range.
  • Tips & TricksAnother possibility is flat roof wood-concrete-composite systems. Prefabricated composite parts made of wood and concrete are mounted on the roof. However, this work should only be carried out by a specialist company.
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