Drying a foam mattress

If a foam mattress is cleaned, it absorbs a lot of moisture. To prevent mold from forming, it is necessary for it to dry completely. Find out here what options there are to dry a foam mattress and what does not make sense.

How to properly dry thin foam mattresses

If your foam mattress is a small mattress, such as a mattress. that of a baby carriage or a baby bed? Is the mattress washable in the washing machine? Then, after washing, you can simply hang your mattress out in the sun over a drying rack. It is important that you do not hang them over a leash, as the sensitive foam may tear or stretch out due to the wet, heavy ends. Lay it horizontally over the drying rack.
Even if the foam mattress fits in the dryer, you prefer to dry it in the air. Foam charges in the dryer statically very strong and also runs under circumstances.

Dry large foam mattress

If your mattress is a large adult mattress, e. made of cold foam or comfort foam, you should set it up to dry vertically. The following places are recommended:

  • to a warm heater
  • to an open window
  • outside to the sun
  • outside in the frost

foam mattresses in the sun dry

Drying in the sun is the best option, because the UV rays have several advantages:

  • The foam mattress dries faster in the sun.
  • UV light kills mold spores and mites.
  • UV light bleaches stains.
  • The mattress gets a pleasant fresh smell by drying in the sun.

Foam mattress to dry in frost

In frost, the mattress probably does not dry well, but frost affects the mattress in a similar way to the sun: it kills mites and mold, as well as bacteria and viruses, and gives the mattress a pleasant freshness.
After leaving your mattress for a few hours in the frost, bring it to the apartment and let it dry in the apartment by the heater for another 24 hours.

What you should avoid

It is pure waste of energy to dry a mattress dry. The problem with drying a mattress is that the moisture penetrates deep inside. A hair dryer is not there and thus helps virtually nothing. Erst Only use your mattress when you are sure that all moisture has escaped. With a wet cleaning this can take about 24 hours. If the mattress got really wet you should let it dry for several days.

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