A garden staircase - many solutions

Hardly any construction exists in as many different forms and materials as a garden staircase. And hardly two steps through the garden area are the same. Many sturdy garden steps can even be built quite easily. Therefore, we would like to show you here how you can create the garden staircase and what to look out for when planning.

Fundamentals of the Garden Stairs

In the garden sector, lighting is becoming ever more important today and serves not only to protect against burglars. More importantly, this lighting is on a slope. A good illumination of the individual steps ensures safety and creates confidence.

Therefore, the luminaires should be mounted at a maximum knee height so that the stage can be fully immersed in light. If possible, install step lighting with energy-saving LEDs. However, at the staircase on a solar-powered lighting should be waived, since in an emergency not quite so reliable.

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