Designing a garden wall

The garden is experiencing a new renaissance in Germany. In times of intensified urbanization, many people are completely new to nature. What is right in the trend: the design with naturalness and originality mediating accents. Especially the garden wall offers a lot of potential here. Afterwards, we would like to share with you some ideas on how to make your garden wall as an eye-catcher, which fits harmoniously into the overall picture of your garden.

The modern garden

Keep in mind that in the middle of your property and in the middle of your garden you have to pay attention to the numerous requirements of various building law regulations. These include in particular the state building regulations, the border development in particular, but also under the aspect of the neighborhood laws in the Civil Code, also the development plan must be observed. Also consider the design of your garden wall, that from a height of 2 m static calculations by the expert are carried out ( Structural engineer, architect).

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