A pavilion with a flat roof is designed quickly

To erect a pavilion quickly and inexpensively, four corner posts, on which a flat roof is laid, are the simplest type. In most cases, a frame connecting the corner posts to each other is sufficient Laying roof coverings such as boards or corrugated iron.

Stability and supporting structure

Although the design and construction of a pavilion with a flat roof is simple and does not pose a problem for any DIY enthusiast, some static details should be considered, above all, from a certain size and roof area.

On a flat roof, of course, dirt remains like leaves or branches and snow in winter. This creates a mechanical load that must be taken into account when calculating the roof cover elements.

Corrugated or trapezoidal roof tiles have an increased stability due to their shape, which also allows cantilevered up to two meters free suspension. For larger distances to be bridged, consideration should be given to a supporting substructure such as, for example, a spider or a center post.

Slope for water drainage

In order to ensure the water drainage of a flat roof, a slight slope of the roof is recommended. Professionals recommend two to three inches on each meter.

It has to be taken into account that in the case of a roof without a gutter, the water sometimes runs down a torrent on one side of the pavilion in heavy rain. In particular, on the water drainage side, the foundations of the support posts must be protected against under-flushing to avoid loosening the corner posts.

Provider and costs

  • karibu.de is one of the largest German manufacturers of garden sheds and offers kits for various flat roof pavilions.
  • gartenhaus-gmbh.de offers high quality pavilions with flat roof and side elements in modular technology. Einzel The individual purchase of the components is possible in any hardware store and the need for construction materials such as posts, retaining beams and roof covering manageable.

Simple prefabricated kits for pavilions with flat roofs start from 500 euros, closed variants with side walls from around 1500 euros. Anyone who assembles the building materials himself and, for example, in the hardware store, can calculate from 300 euros for the pavilion.

Tips & TricksAlthough the construction of a pavilion with flat roof is self-explanatory, the neuralgic stability points such as the post foundations, the attachment of the roof substructure and the roof elements themselves should necessarily be performed expertly.

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