A good office chair has a price of several hundred euros

In the modern world of digital technology, the office chair is the most commonly "obsessed" work tool. Cheaper models have a screw thread for height adjustment. Higher-quality versions have a gas spring. Upholstery, backrest type, construction and shapes additionally influence the price.

Common equipment criteria

The most typical features of an office chair are:

  • swivel or gas spring
  • rigid or adjustable backrest
  • with or without armrests
  • ergonomic seat and backrest shapes
  • thickness and circumference of upholstery of seat and backrest
  • upholstery material such as synthetic or natural fabric and art - or genuine leather
  • Frame material such as aluminum, steel or stainless steel
  • Span of the base and number of outriggers (four or five)
  • Roller quality and "tires" such as rubber, plastic or metal
  • Repair capability due to replacement and replacement parts such as washable and replaceable rebuild

Easier to medium price range

The simplest building models range in price range between fifty and one hundred euros. For this price, an office chair has a rotary thread or a simple gas spring, which is often designed for two or three height adjustment. A padding is found only on the seat. Erste In the price range between eighty and 150 euros, the first ergonomically shaped construction forms begin. The structure and shape of the seats and backrests take into account sitting posture aspects. So-called executive armchairs with imitation leather covers are common. It should be noted that in this price range is usually saved on the diameter and the performance of the gas spring. Purchase criteria are also the spread of the Kreuzfußes and the quality of the roles.

Mid to high price range

The majority of healthy and good office chairs are available in the price range of 200 to 500 euros. In addition to the classic versions with seat and backrest with or without armrests, ergonomic swivel stools are also included in this price range. Genuine leather versions and metal rollers cost upwards of about 400 euros.

In addition to the design and the seating comfort, it should be checked how the connections of the components are fastened. Increasingly screws instead of rivets and clamps are to be expected with increasing prices. Top models from around 500 up to a thousand euros have real leather covers, powerful gas springs with stepless and stable height adjustments and wobble-free stand, even with one-sided load.

Tips & TricksOne of the reasons why you can often upgrade a low-cost office chair is to change the standard wheels and screw in higher-quality versions.

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