A rain gutter for the balcony protects against moisture

Drainage of a balcony through a gutter must be carried out properly. Otherwise, longer-lasting water can cause damage and become a security risk. For larger balconies, it is recommended to install a rain gutter for the drainage of the water.

Prevent moisture from standing

Flaking tiles, uneven floors or dirt tracks often show signs of damage due to a lack of balcony drainage. These can become a security risk in the long run.

Protection against moisture and dirt

To avoid this, the balcony must be protected against prolonged moisture. For large balconies, a gutter is required, while gutters are mounted to the balcony profiles.

Plug-in and Duplex channels

Balcony gutters are a good solution for draining balconies. They consist of gutter rail and gutter. These are attached as required, while the gutter is simply hung in the gutter rail. The simple attachment saves time and costs.

Models at a glance

  • Box gutters
  • Half-round gutters
  • Duplex gutters
  • Special shapes

A box gutter for areas up to 25 m² or a duplex gutter is perfect for balconies. Also available are special corners, which are required for balconies, which have a non-rectangular base.

Suppliers on the Internet

  • Blechshop24.de has a range of gutters made of aluminum, copper and zinc.
  • Dachbaustoffe.de offers a wide assortment of different gutters.
  • Blechshop24.com with products for roof drainage.

Aluminum gutters are around € 4.50 per meter, zinc gutters around € 7.-, and copper gutters cost € 15 per meter.

Tips & TricksIf there is no required slope on the balcony, which should be one to two percent, this can be added later. This is done by a sloping screed and the subsequent laying of ceramic or wood tiles.
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