A gutter made of copper is durable

Long service life and high quality

Before deciding to find the right gutter, it is possible to choose a gutter made of copper. When buying, you should not only look at the price, but also see the benefits.

No other material is as durable as copper. It is recyclable, acid and pollutant resistant and with an additional interior coating the life can be extended.

A gutter with patina

Copper rain gutters weather slowly, the light red material turns dark red to black and green. A gutter made of copper convinces by its beautiful appearance, over time it forms a certain patina, which gives the house that certain something and additionally protects against decay and corrosion.

Shape and appearance

Half-round channels, recumbents, box gutters, hangers and rooftop channels are available as shapes for copper gutters. The standard lengths are one, two and three meters, sometimes special sizes of four and five meters are available. The standard sizes vary depending on the type and shape of the gutter. Begeistert The look of the gutter made of copper inspires, but the installation is a bit more complex. A distinction is made between nominal diameters of 200 to 400 mm. Those who are not sure when choosing the size, can get advice from the providers.

Decisive for the size of the copper gutter is the roof area. To ensure optimum drainage, certain regulations must be observed.

Suitable suppliers

Dachrinnen-shop.de, the offer includes gutters and accessories.

Hornbach.de offers many other products as well as gutters made of copper.

  • Blechshop24.com offers cheap copper gutters.
  • The price for a semicircular gutter made of copper is between 15, - and 45, - € for 3 running meters, for box gutters is expected at 16, - to 35, - € per running meter.
  • Tips & TricksA gutter made of copper reacts with other materials. It is important to use the same material for the roof and façade, as otherwise corrosion may occur.
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