A handle in the bag of tricks: How to spice up your sofa!

Due to its size, the sofa shapes the entire room image, so that is much more than just a functional piece of furniture. If you do not really like your couch anymore, you just need some tricks to spice up the old sweetheart. Let's just have a look together, what can be done!

Pimp up your couch: The simplest ways to spice up the sofa

In many cases, a lot can already be achieved when the sofa is once again undergoing a thorough cleaning. For microfibre covers, glass cleaner helps remove ugly stains. Synthetic leather and leather sofas can be spruced up with repair pastes, leather colors and balm.

If that's not enough for you, you're looking for trendy accessories that finally put the sofa in the right light. The easiest way is to fill up the couch's seat with plenty of pillows, creating a cozy and colorful seating environment.

Our collection of ideas: So your sofa is an eye-catcher!

There are a few other ways to visually transform a sofa without having to rebuild or relocate it. The cover works best with other materials: kaufen buy or sew special sofa cousins, and make the couch disappear under it

  • throw large-size towels over the sofa and decorative knot at the bottom
  • put plaids of fur or with exotic patterns on the sofa and it so beautify
  • use large, ornamented throw pillows
  • for playful: put a maxi-teddaby bear in the middle of the sofa
  • With these beautification measures you avoid having to make any deeper interventions on the sofa - and still get a convincing result. If you no longer like the decoration, simply replace it with another one.

For hobbyists: Give the sofa a whole new face

Of course, real hobbyists can also really let off steam when it comes to spicing up an old sofa. For example, if you dare, you can remove the armrests and install new wooden or aluminum supports.

Experienced seamstresses simply remove the covers and make tailor-made new ones. At the same time they can also renew the upholstery. In the end, the old sofa bed looks almost like new: a great sight!

Tips & TricksWhen buying new fabrics, pay attention to high quality! The colors should always be lightfast and the surfaces largely resistant to wear.

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