Make sure, however, that all water-sensitive materials on the ceiling to be covered disappear, so that no moisture can accumulate here, which in the worst case leads to hidden mold growth. Also, equip the paint-tensioning blanket with a waterproof plastic edge.

Overall, the installation of a lacquer ceiling in the bathroom or other premises is not easy, but for experienced home improvement with installation instructions quite schaffbar. Here is a brief insight into the assembly process: montieren Mount the paint tension ceiling: That's how it works!

Screw retaining strips onto the ceiling or wall

Hang custom-made stretch ceiling foil loosely in the corners of the room

Switch on the heating fan and heat the room to about 40 degrees Celsius.

Clamp the foil using special mounting spatula

  • optional: attaching reinforcing rings and chandeliers
  • The lacquered ceiling has earned its name so honestly, it is actually tightened under warming. With a little practice, it is a fairly quick process that beautifies a room in an appealing way.
  • Tips & TricksNot that the new paint-tension ceiling costs more than the usual suspension with plasterboard. But you save yourself a lot of noise and dirt, also the slightly more expensive ceiling version does not have to be painted.
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