A leaf grille keeps your gutter free

A gutter cleaning is complex. However, it is necessary to keep the gutters and drains clean. Anyone who attaches a leaf grill to his gutter prevents blockages caused by leaves and branches as well as other contaminants.

In autumn, when the leaves are falling

It looks nice when the leaves on the trees change color in autumn. However, they quickly become annoying when they are blown by the wind on the roof and from there into the gutter. Foliage and other debris are often the cause of blockages. Regen The rainwater can no longer drain through the gutter or downpipe. This can result in damage to the building fabric, which is associated with high costs. A one-time cleaning of the gutter system per year is recommended, furthermore provides a leaf grille for a clean gutter.

Flexible leaf grates have the following properties

Stainless steel and aluminum leaf grates do not rust.

  • They can be flexibly adapted to the gutter.
  • The material can easily be cut with scissors.
  • Easy installation on the gutter

Thanks to their flexibility, leaf guards are not only suitable for semicircular gutters; they can also be installed on box gutters and duplex gutters, such as those used on smaller roof areas.

Internet providers and prices

Dachrinnen-shop.de has metal leaf grids in the range.

  • hbw-handel.de offers flexible leaf grids.
  • At dachbaustoffe.de there are simple leaf grids for larger quantities very cheap.
  • Plastic deciduous grids are available per meter at 0.50 euros, with galvanized grids they have to expect about 7.50 euros per meter. If the foliage protection is made of aluminum, the price is a good 11, - Euro per meter.

Tips & Tricks Roof gutters are available in various materials. If you select these according to the existing gutter, there is no risk of the substances reacting with each other.

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