A leaf trap for the downpipe reduces the need for cleaning

Gutters and other leaf trap protection keep leaves and branches away from the gutter system. As an alternative, leaf trays are offered for the downpipe, which are attached to the pipe. The drainage of rainwater is guaranteed in any case. Regen The rainwater stays clean

A downpipe catcher picks up dirt and leaves before they can get into the pipe. As a rule, it is a model that is self-retaining, thus larger in diameter than the downpipe.

When choosing the material, metal and plastic are available. Plastic is the inexpensive alternative, stainless steel systems are stainless and extremely durable.

Whatever variant you choose, the cost of cleaning the downpipe is reduced, soiling is kept away and the service life is extended.

Easy installation

The attachment of the downpipe canopy is very easy. He is placed on the pipe and is stuck there. Even the high-quality leaf catching systems can be easily installed by a layman.

A high-quality leaf trap

is durable

  • is available with padlock for theft protection
  • offers an extra large collection volume
  • can be easily attached
  • Prices vary by vendor and system

A simple foliage is already available from 2, - Euro, foliage pipe foliage catcher in copper are available from 30, - Euro, extra large devices cost between 180, - and 270, - € depending on size, version in titanium zinc or copper.

dachbaustoffe.de offers a large selection of special leaf catching devices.

  • shop.leichtstahl.de has a leaf trap with a basket in the offer.
  • fink-klempnereibedarf.de offers leaf catchers made of zinc and copper.
  • Tips & TricksIt is worthwhile investing a bit more in the downpipe for the leaf catcher and to ensure sufficient sizing. Damage caused by accumulated rainwater on the building is avoided and the cleaning of the gutter is reduced to a minimum.
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