A leaf gutter for the gutter ensures good drainage of rainwater

The gutter cleaning is an unpleasant job, also leaves and branches can clog the gutter and the downpipe. These can cause damage to the house. With a leaf catch you can reduce the cleaning of the gutter to a minimum.

Elaborate gutter cleaning

It is not only a chore to clean the gutter, it is also dangerous to move around the ladder of a tall house. Different devices bring a huge amount of time, they keep twigs and leaves of downpipe and gutter. Often, leaf traps and leaf baskets are used. ' They are available in plastic or stainless steel. L The leaf trap grille

leaf trap grille are weather-resistant and can be used flexibly. Due to the optimal hole width, the grate keeps leaves and branches away from the gutter. The flexible and closely meshed plastic or metal mesh is simply clamped in the gutter.

grille inserts

are suitable for any type of gutter

  • are available in different thicknesses
  • are easy to attach
  • offer longevity
  • are corrosion resistant
  • minimize the effort for the gutter cleaning
  • leaf basket

An alternative to the lattice is a leaf trap. It will be inserted into the gutter if there is a downpipe. The dirt is collected before it enters the pipe.

The baskets are simply placed on top and are self-holding, as they have a larger diameter than the downpipe.
The Internet providers and their prices

Hornbach.de has a plastic leaf basket for the price of 2, - € in the offer.

  • Dachbaustoffe.de costs a galvanized leaf trap 1.53 euros.
  • At bausep.de there is a black leaf trap grille for 9,34 Euro per meter.
  • Tips & TricksThe manufacturer's offer also includes leaf-catching system parts that can be used on very steep roofs.
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