A synthetic leather sofa is easy to clean

Faux leather is so popular because it is very easy to clean. In principle, the cover layer of plastic similar to a mirror must only be freed of dust and streaks and kept free. No contaminants can enter the plastic surface. Regular sealing of the surface enhances the dirt-repellent effect.

Wiping and Dusting

The proper care of an artificial leather sofa is limited to regular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth. Stains or other times that do not disappear in this way are surface damage. Eine For cleaning the wrinkles, joints and crevices of the couch makes a great vacuum cleaner nozzle good service. In addition, a toothbrush is suitable for removing dust fluff. For example, if greasy streaks are caused by skin sweat on the imitation leather, they can be easily removed with baby wipes. Fat-dissolving household cleaners of all kinds are taboo.

Few aids are good for cleaning

If there are any concrete stains on the imitation leather sofa, they are good-adhesion and resistant dirt films. They can be handled carefully with a few means. The agents should always be given at least ten minutes exposure time to dissolve stuck dirt.

Baking soda

  • Soda
  • Special cleaning agent for artificial leather
  • Baby wipes
  • Acute dirt is always absorbed immediately and wiped dry. Here it is important to prevent the formation of soiling by drying out. Even a white leatherette sofa needs no other care.

Manufacturer's specifications and tips for grooming

Extensive information and instructions from manufacturers are usually intended to stimulate buying incentives for expensive special products. Imitation leather is a plastic product with a closed surface in every production form. Only the adhesion of impinging pollutants and dust can be influenced.

The regular sealing of artificial leather not only slows down the escape of plasticizers and thus the brittleness increase, but can better "dust off" dust and impinging moisture. All other cleaning and care products are superfluous.

Tips & TricksBesides the regular sealing, no special cleaning agent will help you. On the contrary, with every cleaning you risk the plastic covering layer being attacked and "becoming more open-minded" to subsequent dirt.

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