A massive house with a cellar: the cost of home dream

For many people, a solid house with a cellar is the home-away dream par excellence. Everyone knows that such a house is not cheap. Where are the current prices - and what should consider building owners?

White tub - or black tub?

A prefabricated cellar made of concrete is today more common than the masonry variant. Concrete cellars, so-called "white tubs", are better sealed when professionally designed and reliably prevent the formation of mold.

However, a brick cellar has the advantage that a lot of self-employment is possible. Who creates his cellar with the help of friends and acquaintances for the most part, saves a lot of money. From a professional hand, the "black tub" is expensive.

The costs of the basement for your solid house

Plan for a completely created by the professional "black tub" about 50,000 to 70,000 EUR. Work with us - and lower the price!

A prefabricated cellar made of concrete is generally cheaper without own labor. Calculate costs of about 20,000 to 40,000 EUR, depending on the floor space of your house and basement variant.

For a complete cellar, you also pay more in the prefabricated cellar area; an expansion cellar or cellar saves money by working on your own. You pay surcharges for a cellar with extra high ceilings. Mass A massive house with a white bath: Price example

A builder can plan and build a massive house according to personal requirements. The house itself costs him 270,000 EUR, plus the ready-made cellar.

Price overview

Price1. Individually planned solid house
270,000 EUR2. Earth excavation for the cellar
5,800 EUR3. Prefabricated cellar in complete version
41,000 EURTotal
316,800 EURPartial cellar saves money

If a full cellar is too expensive for you, then you can confine yourself to a smaller area. Think about which basement floor you really need!

Tips & TricksIf your basement rooms serve as an extended living space, then think of a suitable thermal insulation. A high cellar offers the opportunity to let in lots of light through large windows.

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