A mishap happened? How to remove wall paint from clothing!

Wall paint is best removed from clothing when it is still fresh and dry. Quick reaction is needed when a drop on the sweater or pants fall! Use running water and a few drops of liquid soap to remove and rinse the wet paint from the fibers. However, if the substance has already dried, other means are needed.

wall paint on clothes? Better prevent!

Afterwards one is always smarter: When painting, it is always worthwhile to wear old work clothes, which may get dirty. Cover all the underlying garments, as one of the things that teaches us the daily routine: Looks even a tiny area, there will definitely land a splash of color!

Remove dried-on wall paint from clothing: is this possible?

Unfortunately, life also teaches something else: Anyone who quickly picks up the brush or the roller, too often speaks to itself, that in these few minutes, nothing will happen: And - zack! - the drop is sitting.

It is not always possible to remove the paint from the clothing in a timely manner, and once the stain has dried it becomes much more difficult to get rid of it.

What about all the nice cleaning tips you read on the internet or from friends help? Right at the beginning: do not promise yourself too much! It all depends on what kind of fibers we have in front of us and how tight the paint is in it.

With these methods you should try it!

Attempting to get rid of the stains can not hurt in this case, because the clothes are finally spoiled. So it can only get better! Here are the methods that seem particularly auspicious and have often been successfully tested:

  • Remove mechanically: Dry wall paint with the fingernails from the fabric scratch: Maybe it is so friable and so badly adheres to the textile fibers that they are so residue-free and can be removed without chemicals. In case of emergency, use a nail brush.
  • Sugar solution: Make a coarse-grained mass of sugar with the help of water, spread it on the stain and rub it vigorously out. Basically, this is also a mechanical solution that uses the sugar as a sharp-grained abrasive.
  • Hairspray Method: A commonly recommended remedy for color stains on clothing is the hairspray. Spray directly onto the stain and let it work for five minutes. Then soak in lukewarm water and rub the remaining wall paint out of clothing.
  • Use oven foam: spray the oven foam directly onto the stain and let it act for a few minutes. Then rinse with water and wash the garment in the washing machine.
Tips & TricksBy mechanical removal, do not work the wall paint deeper into the fibers instead of removing them from the clothing. Move the nail brush evenly in the direction of the barrel and observe carefully what happens to the stain and the fabric!
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