A natural stone sink has drawbacks

A natural stone washbasin is an exceptionally beautiful home accessory. Due to the constant influence of water and body care products, however, it is also heavily loaded. This results in a number of disadvantages which, although mitigated, can not be completely eliminated. A special maintenance effort always exists.

Water and Personal Care

When using a wash basin, most people are used to rinsing off with clean water only briefly after performing their tasks. This is not always enough for pools made of natural stone. In addition to the effect of water, especially the diverse body care products should not be underestimated.

Many hygiene substances have greasy ingredients that can clog natural stone surfaces. Added to this are isolated remedies, often for cleaning purposes, which have basic or acidic pH values. All three active ingredients do not get the natural stone well. An absolutely recommendable impregnation of the natural stone can mitigate the sensitivity, but not turn it off completely.

Fast and constant maintenance

Ceramic surfaces have the same sensitivity as sealed natural stone. In a washbasin, however, the degree of use and the frequency are so high that no seal would hold meaningful periods.

By means of a diffusion-open impregnation, under the properties of small-pored rocks, the so-called and, to a lesser extent, naturally present lotus flower effect can be enhanced by mechanical processing.
Impacting liquids, especially water, will bead on the surface. They also take dirt particles with them. If the sink is left wet after use, like a conventional ceramic basin, the drops gradually ooze. Therefore, as a basic maintenance for a natural stone pool always requires the immediate care of natural stone by dry wiping.

Specific cleaning methods

In order to clean the natural stone, mechanical methods should be preferred in the interior of the basin. The following procedure is helpful:

  • Treat patches in the basin with fine steel wool entfernen Remove or reduce greasy stains with heat and absorbent materials (blotting paper, small litter, sawdust)
  • Remove instilled body care such as toothpaste immediately with a cloth
  • Rinse limescale deposits and edges with distilled water
  • Tips & TricksIn your natural stone washbasin you can not, as is usual with ceramic and metallic variants, make soothing activities. Both the standing water and the surfactant-containing detergents and detergents damage the substance sustainably.
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