Building a natural stone wall

Walls made of natural stone bring a certain originality to any garden design and set accents that blend in perfectly with the overall appearance of a garden. For natural stone walls there are different techniques to set them. Once a natural stone wall firmly connected with mortar or other glue. On the other hand, a so-called drywall. Since the walls of a natural stone wall are similar to the traditional building of a wall, we have below created a construction manual that you can set your natural stone wall as a drywall.

Properties that are placed on a natural stone wall

If you use rough stones, you can of course rework them with a hammer and a chisel, so that they rest stably. Also, avoid any uplifted stone bulges where water could collect later. Especially in winter, water collected there could freeze.

The foundation is chosen in the above-mentioned construction, so that underlying water can freeze in winter without raising or moving the wall. The gravel has a capillary breaking effect.

Of course you can create a stone wall as a fence. The optimal construction technique would be the use of gabions, which we describe in more detail in the aforementioned link. Gabions are also suitable for other garden and even house areas.

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