A new exhaust pipe for the chimney: This is where the costs lie

If you get a new heating system, then a new exhaust pipe is often required in the same train. The chimney costs depend on several factors, especially the type and condition of the piping system plays a role. San Rehabilitating the chimney: materials at a glance

The new chimney flue is required to prevent chimney screeding and the decomposition of chimney material by acids. The new cables can be made of stainless steel, plastic, ceramics or, in rare cases, aluminum.

A particularly cost-effective stainless steel set for the chimney is currently available from just over 400 EUR to buy, other materials are more expensive.

If your new heater produces particularly hot exhaust gases, as is the case with pellet heating, for example, it is usually advisable to use a more expensive ceramic tube.

Plastic pipes are only suitable for temperatures below about 150 degrees. That is why they are used preferentially in gas and oil plants with modern condensing technology.

New duct for the chimney: the cost factors

Chimney height

  • Conduit material
  • Conductor cross section
  • Pipe strength, possibly multi-duct
  • Accessibility of the chimney
  • Amount of flue pipe connections
  • Offsets in the chimney and possibly occurring caulking
  • Regional price differences
  • Cost example: Chimney with new stainless steel pipe

On old chimney is equipped with a new stainless steel exhaust pipe. The single-shell tube is 10 m long, 0.6 mm thick and has a diameter of 120 mm.

Price overview

Price1. Chimney flue pipe
950 EUR2. Installation on one working day
650 EURTotal
1,600 EURRehabilitate the chimney yourself, reduce costs

You may also be able to do the work on your chimney yourself, at This is possible with some renovation kits. Inquire very carefully, however, how to install the exhaust pipe!

Tips & TricksWith a modern condensing boiler, you have the choice: You can also lay the exhaust pipe to the outer wall of your house - or install the entire system in the attic, with direct access to the roof.

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