A new roof - current prices for this project

The prices of a roof vary depending on the construction project, but you can estimate the cost of your project in advance based on certain factors. This article will help you with the price calculation.

Which roof do you plan? The prices for different roof types

Different roof types are in different price ranges, the rough subdivision into "flat roof" and "pitched roof" helps further. Bear in mind, however, that special roof shapes have different prices.

Prices for a finished pitched roof

Above all the roof area is decisive for the cost calculation: The current guideline value for a pitched roof in shell condition is about 60 euros per square meter.

Added to this are the costs for the thermal insulation of the roof. The prices for this are approximately between 30 and 60 EUR per square meter roof area, depending on the insulation material and layer thickness.

Roofing is another price factor, but it is very variable: depending on the type of cover, the costs are between 20 and 100 EUR per square meter.

Prices for a finished flat roof

A flat roof insulated to the highest standards costs you around 100 to 150 EUR per square meter. Cheaper you get a roof with less thick insulation by 12 cm: Here are the prices at about 80 to 90 EUR per square meter.

Example: saddle roof with 180 square meters of space

A new building will receive a gabled roof measuring 180 square meters. The thermal insulation is based on the latest standards, as covering serves exclusive slate.

Costs overviewPrice
Rooftop10,800 EUR
Thermal insulation10,500 EUR
Cover18,000 EUR
Total39,300 EUR

Use state funding!

Remember that you can claim state subsidies for energetic measures at the house. Find out more at KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) or visit the website www.bafa.de.

Tips & TricksWhen you set up your pitched roof, think about how you can increase your living space further. The subsequent installation of a loggia or a spacious roof terrace is much more expensive than if you include these extras directly!
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