A new roof truss, calculate cost per square meter in advance

The construction of a new roof truss is a complex construction project for which no flat rate exists. One thing is for sure: It can not and will not be cheap. A stable roof structure, which meets all static requirements, has its price!

Rooftop: cost factors for the square meter price

  • Demolition costs for old roof trusses: If you want to build a new roof truss on an old house, you must first plan the demolition costs. In a single-family house come together already several thousand EUR.
  • Regional Price Fluctuations: Rooftop costs per square meter are subject to regional variations, as the cost of craftsmen in some areas is higher than elsewhere.
  • Rooftop: The most important factor for the attic cost per square meter is of course the size of the roof. You should expect about 60 EUR per square meter of surface of a pitched roof - for the mere erection of the roof truss, without roofing and insulation.
  • Storm zone: If you live in an area that is more susceptible to storms and the air in your home is very salty, then you should plan for more money for your roof truss. They require particularly stable, weather-resistant material.
  • Roofing and insulation: Roof trusses also require suitable roofing and reliable thermal insulation. The covering costs you between 20 and 100 EUR per square meter, the thermal insulation depending on the material 30 to 60 EUR.
  • Residential loft with dormer or exit? Of course, special constructions also increase the costs of the attic per square meter - but they increase the quality of living.

Example project: roof truss for duplex

A new duplex is to be equipped with a gable roof measuring 250 square meters. In addition, the roofing with simple roof tiles and a thermal insulation according to the latest standards.

Costs overviewPrice
New roof truss13,750 EUR
Thermal insulation12,500 EUR
Roofing7,500 EUR
Total33,750 EUR

Use state subsidies

Government subsidies are available for energy-saving measures - so you can save a lot of money on your major project: Visit the website www.bafa.de.

Tips & Tricks Do you have the opportunity to hire a company with a good reputation that delivers all the work from a single source? In this way you save yourself some organizational effort!
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