A new slate roof - these costs are coming to you!

Developers with high demands often prefer slate for roofing. This natural material convinces with a beautiful look and an extremely long durability. The slate roof costs are not low!

Building a slate roof: the costs at a glance

For the slate roof costs, there are no flat rate prices, as each construction project differs from the other. However, we can give you some factors that will help you price your planned roof.

An important price factor is of course the roof size. In addition, points such as the quality and origin of the covering material as well as the selected cover type count.

The price range for one square meter slate roof is large, it is approximately in the range between 60 and 200 EUR. The lower price range up to about 80 EUR often includes material of lower quality - although of course you can be lucky when buying.

Slate roof Costs that exceed EUR 120 are more likely to be attributed to luxury roofs, but here too there are regional differences. Most builders pay between 80 and 100 euros per square meter for their slate roof.

The slate roof: concrete costs for example

A couple would like to provide their new building with a 200 m² slate roof. The necessary preliminary work by the roofer on the finished roof truss costs 8 EUR per square meter.

The pair chooses slate in the medium price range, which costs EUR 72 per square meter. The roofer bills 4.200 Euro for the covering.

Costs overviewPrice
Preliminary work incl. Materail1,600 EUR
Slate14,400 EUR
Roofing4,200 EUR
Total19,800 EUR

A savings tip

If you love slate look but lack the money you need, take a look at fiber cement boards Roof on. These are often similar to real slate and cost only about 25 EUR per square meter.

Tips & TricksOne roof inclination of less than 22 degrees usually does not allow for slate cover, between 22 and 25 degrees the roofer is likely to double cover. Inquire!
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