A noble glass roof for the terrace - which prices are usual?

A roof made of high-quality laminated safety glass withstands all weather conditions and allows the sun to pass through unhindered: This creates a sheltered, but sun-drenched place of well-being. Which glass roof prices do you have to expect?

Price factors for glass roofs

The glass roof prices vary depending on the design of the respective roof. We have summarized the most important price factors for you so that you can get an overview.

  • First, of course, the size of the glass roof is important, because a small roof costs less than a large one, of course.
  • A set of finished foundations is not expensive at about 100 EUR, but it is often not included in the basic kit. Lieferung Also delivery and installation of the glass roof have their price: Expect a total of about 1,500 EUR for this.
  • The lotus seal for your glass roof will cost you some money first - but afterwards you will enjoy a minimum of cleaning.
  • Colored glass produces beautiful light colors, but costs a little more.
  • An awning is not usually included in the glass roof price, but protects against heat build-up in the summer.
  • A side windscreen causes additional costs and makes your covered terrace almost a cozy conservatory. Heiz A heating foil in the side windscreen provides cozy warmth for the whole year, but is only available with a surcharge.
  • On request, many manufacturers also take care of the preparation of all necessary documents for the building permit. There may be additional costs for this - with some providers this is a free additional service.
  • Glass roof Prices on a specific project

A family decides to use a glass roof to better protect the small terrace from rain. The 250 x 300 cm roof made of 8 mm thick laminated safety glass is to be mounted on an aluminum construction.

Delivery is at extra cost. In addition, a self-assembly using the assembly instructions for the family is out of the question, so mounted two professionals the glass roof.

Price overview


Aluminum construction1,550 EUR
Glass roof700 EUR
Finished foundations120 EUR
Delivery350 EUR
Installation1,100 EUR
Total3,820 EUR
Buy cost-effective glass roofThere are now a few discount providers of glass roofs on the Internet who offer their roofing systems relatively cheaply. With the appropriate online configurator, you can assemble your own glass roof at reasonable prices - and simply place an order with a "click".

Tips & TricksSee in advance at your local building authority if you need a building permit for your glass roof. In the worst case, you will have to pay a fine and tear down the roof if you build without the necessary permission!

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