A noble roof shape - what costs are incurred for a hipped roof?

Many older half-timbered houses have a hipped roof, but such a roof construction is also interesting in new buildings. For a homeowner who does not opt ​​for a hipped roof for purely historical reasons, the roof aesthetics is in the foreground. What are the costs for him?

What is a hipped roof? Wal A hipped roof consists of four roof surfaces that slope towards each other. The opposite surfaces each have the same dimension. Because the hipped roof is a more complicated construction than the widespread pitched roof, the construction costs are higher. Kr The crippled whale is a special form of hipped roof. In the lower area, this type of roof begins like a pitched roof, but above the gable surfaces are inclined backwards.

What costs are incurred for a hipped roof?

If one assumes that a pitched roof of about 60 EUR per square meter of roof area for the construction of the roof truss, so the costs for the hipped roof are higher.

Calculate for your hipped roof with a price of about 80 to 100 EUR per square meter - depending on the conditions. Wal The hipped roof costs vary from region to region.

A storm-proof roof truss in severe weather zones generally costs more.

Special constructions such as a dormer or a loggia cost more.

  • Hipped roof: costs for roofing and insulation
  • Once the roof truss has been erected, the roofer must provide it with a roof underlay and a battens. He then puts on the covering. To the cost of these steps is added to the statutory thermal insulation.
  • For the preliminary work by the roofer you should calculate about 5 to 10 EUR per square meter, the covering of your hipped roof cost you additionally between 20 and 100 per square meter - depending on the material.

The latest insulation will cost you another 60 EUR per square meter. By saving energy, you can get those costs out over the years.

Example project: hipped roof Costs for 200 square meters

A homeowner can build a new hipped roof with 200 square meters of roof area. The cost of the roof truss amounts to 90 EUR per square meter, plus a high-quality covering and thermal insulation.

Costs overview


Erection of the roof structure

18,000 EURComplete roofing work
14,000 EURThermal insulation
12,000 EURTotal
44,000 EURSave costs: Hand over manual work for tax purposes
Have the hourly wage of the craftsman working at your home shown separately from the material costs , Submit the invoices to your tax office as part of the income tax compensation.Tips & TricksBuilding measures at the house, which lead to energy savings, are usually subsidized by the state. Inquire at KfW!
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