A court pavement determines the characteristics of the property

Large paved areas play an increasing role in our current lifestyle. The reasons are many. Probably the most important thing is that paved courtyards from the time of large farmhouses were self-evident and are experiencing a renaissance today. Attractive materials leave all possibilities open. Often, however, it is also due to the lack of free time in addition to family and work, which is why paved surfaces are considered easy to care for. However, this problem is not solved that easily.
If you want to pave a complete yard, seal a large area according to the design and prevent the rainwater from seeping away. At this moment, however, the regulations of the building authorities and the lower water authority begin. These are regulated differently in each state. Therefore, please ask before. The sealed area is also a cost factor, because many disposal associations calculate this area as wastewater discharge.
It is better if you combine this pavement with natural design, infiltration and increase in living. In addition a few possibilities.

Variant 1: water-permeable plaster

The basic requirement is a substructure of coarse gravel, through which the rainwater can seep away. Concreting is taboo in this construction. On this substructure you can use water-permeable plaster. Particularly suitable for this purpose are concrete paving whose flanks are provided with spacer knobs. Form the joint seal with crushed sand or precious gravel, the pavement remains permeable.
This type of construction is not suitable for lanes. The wetness freezes in the joints, and if you drive over it with a heavy vehicle, the pavement structure can be destroyed.

Variant 2: Natural paving stones with breaks

Paving stones must be laid with 3 to 5mm wide joints anyway and must be water-permeable as in Variant 1. But you can loosen large paved areas by Rondelle with flower borders or in a particularly large courtyard with trees. Or make a break by a water feature. Every square foot of open space helps nature, your wallet and increases your housing value.

Variant 3: Combine

Lanes to the garage etc. are the most heavily loaded. Use a sealed plaster for these surfaces to make sure. The flanks of these tracks are bordered with a planted strip and for the rest of the area you use grass pavers. Even so you avoid a surface seal.

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