Sticking a photo wallpaper is precision work

Compared to other wallpaper types, the gluing of a photo wallpaper is relatively easy. The biggest challenge is precision in order to fix the webs to each other with millimeter precision. With the right preparation and a helper, it succeeds.

Light or heavy paper

Photo wallpapers are printed paper wallpapers in lighter or heavier design. The low-cost products are usually thin and can tear down quickly if handled improperly. High-quality photo wallpapers are made of strong and heavy paper, which is insensitive to tearing.

The higher weight of the higher-quality photo wallpaper calls for a perfectly mixed paste in the correct consistency and dosage. If this is the case, the photo wallpapers are very easy to stick and can be retroactively aligned. Vorbereit Preparing the surface

A photo wallpaper is not painted with paste. The wallpaper paste is applied to the wall and pressed the wallpaper strips one after the other and aligned. More important than other, especially textured, wallpaper is a perfectly smooth surface. Each elevation or trough disturbs the final overall picture of the wall.

A primer or a deep base must be applied to the smooth surface. This will prevent a different suction of the wall against the paste. Unequally absorbed paste can influence the uniformity of the later overall picture.

Gluing order

The order of gluing the photo wallpaper should be planned in advance. Some upholsterers prefer to start in a corner. Others first glue a middle track. It is important to measure the motif and the wall in order to have the center of the image later on where it should be. If you start from the middle, mark the wall halfway.

There is a Lotschnur attached, for example, a string of weight, which is fixed with a thumbtack on the marker. Now the gluing of the photo wallpaper either on the right or on the left of the cord can start with a middle track. The wallpaper sheets should be pre-sorted in the intended bonding order.

The gluing process

Mix the paste according to the manufacturer's instructions and let it go. He should then have a slightly flowing mushy consistency. Ein Glue the wall widthwise from top to bottom of the first web. Möglichst Position the path of the photo wallpaper on the edge of the ceiling as straight as possible and press down against the wall.

  • Immediately after pressing, align the wallpaper strip with the flat hands on the plumb line. Aus Smooth out the aligned web from the inside to the outside with the wallpaper roller and press the edges rolling from top to bottom.
  • Immediately wipe off any bulking paste with a clean rag or kitchen paper. Ver Proceed with the same principle with each further lane.
  • Tips & Tricks Always secure the help of a second person when you glue photo wallpaper. In addition to the simplified work four eyes see more than two and any inaccuracies are more secure.
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