Protection against wind and weather

The attachment of a canopy provides weather protection and functionality. Whether modern villa, sandstone building or half-timbered house, the most diverse materials and finishes are available.

Some manufacturers offer canopies mounted on columns. There is also the possibility to buy the columns individually and to adjust the roofing material.

Additional highlights

Designs as flat or pointed roofs are available for selection, semicircular or with all-round protection, a canopy on columns offers many possibilities for optical design. The columns stop the canopy and should have sufficient load capacity.

Additional features include light wells, built-in spotlights, a water drain in the columns or a starry sky. There are also almost unlimited possibilities with regard to the choice of colors

The materials

The pillars of the canopy can be made of stucco, wood, plastic, stainless steel or galvanized steel. The choice of column material depends on the material of the canopy. Glass and stainless steel look modern, wooden houses are particularly effective in half-timbered houses.

Carvings, flourishes, shiny looks or the matching color make the canopies for the canopy something unique.

Columns on the canopy bring different effects

Stucco columns create a Mediterranean flair

  • Concrete columns look rather cool
  • Wood gives a warm impression.
  • The prices at the various providers

A glass canopy with simple columns made of stainless steel is available for the price of 350, - €, custom-made products are correspondingly expensive and priced at a few thousand euros. has high-quality canopies with columns on offer.

  • At holzbau-shop there are round pillars made of different woods to buy. Ae has columns in white concrete and concrete sandstone in its range.
  • Tips & TricksWho is looking for the individual, buys the pillars for the canopy separately and combines them with the canopy of his choice. This creates a house entrance area that leaves nothing to be desired.
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