A prefabricated house for 150,000 euros - what options are there?

If you are interested in a prefabricated house, the price certainly plays a decisive role. This makes it all the more important to set a price limit before you buy. In this article you will learn what you should consider in a prefabricated house for a maximum of € 150,000.

Make compromises

A sufficient cushion

If you invest 150,000 euros, you already have many opportunities to make a good purchase. However, if you set your limit lower, for example at 100,000 euros, not only are the compromises to be entered higher, but much depends on luck as well. But even at 150,000 euros, it is important to save on all sorts of corners: An unnecessarily large plot, for example, can drive up the price as well as unnecessary luxury equipment.

A new purchase possible?

In prefabricated buildings, it is also possible to purchase a normal detached house for 150,000 euros - but how? In each prefabricated house catalog you will find both prices for turnkey houses and for development houses. A development house is usually much cheaper, but you are responsible for the entire interior. Save money by own contribution - for many people a useful method.

Tips & Tricks Consider whether you are capable of mastering a complete interior design yourself. Although this is associated with a lot of work, effort and time, but in the end you have a full, new prefabricated house for around 150,000 euros.
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