A prefabricated house up to 100,000 euros - how is this possible?

If you are looking for a cheap prefabricated house, the price of course has the highest priority. But is it also possible to buy a prefabricated house for less than 100,000 euros? In this article, you will learn what to look out for to keep the price as low as possible.

No construction, but a purchase

Location and size: important factors

In the search for a low-priced prefabricated house, size also plays an important role: If the 100,000 euro mark is your benchmark, you should look at single-family homes whose land is not too big. Because often the size of houses is priced overvalued and calculated with correspondingly high prices.

All this will not help you if your home is in the perfect location; an important factor with which the seller can push the price up. If you really want to save, you should cut back on the location of your prefabricated house.

100,000 euros - a difficult brand

Even if you have considered all these factors, the price of only 100,000 euros is a real challenge. You have much better options if you want to invest about 130,000 euros; There are realistic and, above all, good houses that are in good condition in terms of quality.

If you have actually found a prefabricated house for around 100,000 euros, a precise check of the condition is mandatory: It is best to have a specialist from TÜV with you to check the house for construction defects such as mold. Often sellers try to sell a nearly dilapidated house at a knockdown price, instead of putting it in good condition.

Once the purchase has been made, recognized building defects can become really expensive: the necessary refurbishment will in some cases be so expensive that you will regret the purchase.

Tips & TricksWhen you are looking for a cheap house, you should take into account the widest possible radius and, if necessary, reduce the situation.
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