A rain collector for the downpipe protects the environment and saves money

The rain gutter collects the rainwater and the downpipe forwards it into the sewage system. The valuable wet can be collected with a rainwater collector and used for watering plants and beds. That saves money.

Rain collector with overflow stop

For individual manufacturers there are high quality rain collectors. They have an overflow stop that detects when the water level has reached its maximum fill level. If the water is at the overflow level, the excess water is discharged through a downpipe. The rain barrel is protected from overflowing.

Clean rainwater

Rain collectors in the downpipe are also available with a filter system. The water is purified and then enters the water tank or the rain barrel. Thus, a use, free of impurities, is possible. Regen The rainwater collectors have the following features

Installation in metal and plastic downpipes possible

  • available in different colors
  • high efficiency
  • self-cleaning
  • with overflow stop
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • conversion from summer to winter operation
  • A high-quality rainwater collector can be without Cut through the downpipe. Connection seal and drill are included. It is equipped with a filter and an overflow function and can alternatively be used as a rain flap.

Rain Collector Variants

If you look around, you will come across a wide variety of designs. Simple systems that serve as a filling device and retain coarse dirt and leaves are available as well as complete waterworks.

Individual manufacturers carry complete rain collector packages, consisting of rain collector, leaf trap and filter. These are mostly made of copper.

The prices of the internet providers:

Simple plastic collectors are available from 15, - Euro, high quality products with filters are available from 50, - Euro. A copper rain collector is priced at 80, - Euro, a combination set with different parts, also made of copper, costs 250, - to 360, - €.

rainwater.edingershops.de has plastic collectors on offer

  • 123regenwasser.de offers entire rainwater plants
  • Dieregensammler.de are also specialized in
  • rainwater harvesting
  • Graf-online.de, a provider of rainwater harvesters and filters in the range
  • dachbaustoffe.de delivers complete rain collector combination packages.
  • Tips & TricksIf you would like to make the most of the valuable rainwater, choose a rain collector system for the downpipe with filter, overflow stop and a switch from summer to winter operation. These are usually not expensive and bring additional benefits and savings.
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