Building verschiedene Various systems are available to collect the valuable rainwater that runs off the roof. Rainpipe flaps prevent rainwater from overflowing in the drums.

Roof drainage automatically or manually diverts the precious water into a suitable storage container. In addition to the matching gutter and a downpipe, the installation of a rain tube flap makes sense. This ensures that the water runs into a collecting container.

The installation and the material

If a rain-tube flap is retrofitted, only one piece is cut out of the downpipe and the flap is inserted there. Size of the flap should be adapted to the accumulating water and the gutter.

Rainpipe flaps are usually made of metal, this material is much more robust and durable than plastic. Copper is the noblest material, zinc is cheaper.

Adjustment to the water level

Rainpipe flaps are usually maintenance-free and can simply be folded up in the winter months. They are equipped in different materials, designs and details. High-quality rain tube flaps can be adjusted to a desired water level.
different pitches

different nominal dimensions

  • removable sieve
  • materials such as copper, zinc or titanium zinc
  • suitable for all types of buildings
  • Accessories are required for installing the downpipes. The material should be selected uniformly, combinations of different components can lead to undesirable reactions, so that rust is created. Automatic rainwater shutters close automatically and re-open after removing water from the drum. In the winter months, the spout is simply folded up. Water damage can not arise in this way.
  • The offerers and their prices

A 6-piece rain pipe flap made of zinc with a diameter of 100 mm is already available from 13,20 Euro. A copper rain pipe is available for 17, - Euro. has rain covers made of titanium zinc in the range. has the practical flaps on offer. offers various rainwater flaps.

  • Tips & TricksWho chooses a rain flap with a removable strainer, it has in the annual cleaning easy. Leaves and dirt that reach the downpipe through the gutter are collected and easily removed.
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