A consideration of Holzhaus vs. Steinhaus

When considering Holzhaus vs Steinhaus, a final verdict is impossible. Both types of construction have advantages and disadvantages, sometimes advantages are seen as disadvantages and vice versa. Who is faced with the decision for a Bauart should weigh by means of a pro-contra list and NoGo criteria.

The character of the materials

Stone and concrete bring with them correct use both energy and sound insulation. The sedate reaction to climatic changes is perceived as pleasant. Stone gives a great sense of security and the buildings are not colloquially referred to as concrete gold.

A wooden house has construction types that can be recognized as wooden houses and prefabricated houses where the skeleton is made of wood. Natural unhindered wood creates a living space climate that is considered by many to be healthy for the body and mind. Many inhabitants of a wooden house speak of living in a living house.

Construction speed and construction processes

The colloquially formulated claim to build a house for eternity relativizes the construction period of a stone house. Usually, a brick house is created in the timeframe between four and eight months. Unforeseen events such as supplier default, scheduling bottlenecks of craftsmen and special weather conditions such as rain or cold can increase the construction time. A definite collection date is difficult to plan.

A wooden house is built in a time frame of three to six months including the prefabrication. When using a B
B high planning certainty is given. For wooden houses no shell drying is required.

Insulation and energy efficiency

Both types of construction are equivalent if properly insulated. At the wooden house, the wall construction "automatically" leads to the low energy house. Stone transmits less sound.

Durability and service life

The need for care of a wooden house is significantly greater. The lifespan of wooden houses is designed for 50 to 80 years, stone houses to 80 to 120 years.

Economic factors

Holzhaus reduces the duration of the interim financing and the rental payments until the move-in by shortening the construction time. The resale value for wooden houses is lower. A smaller space requirement for walls creates more living space on the same floor space. Desired contribution of own power can be increased more easily at the wooden house itself than at the stone house.

Tips & TricksTwo obvious disadvantages of a wooden house compared to a stone house are the consequences of extraordinary events. Heavy water damage has major consequences in wooden houses and any pest infestation does not play a functional role in stone houses
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