A roof made of trapezoidal sheet metal

Trapezoidal sheets are screwed onto the corresponding supports. They are lightweight, easy to assemble and their protective coating provides high corrosion protection. Also in terms of color variety you offer a large selection of different RAL colors.

No special roof construction required

Roof trapezoidal sheets can simply be applied to existing supports such as timber formwork, steel girders or wooden slats and bolted. Due to their low weight, they cause a few problems statically.

The cost of this material is extremely low compared to other materials, and some manufacturers also give ten or more years warranty on their products. Available are the roof trapezoidal sheets with visible and invisible attachment.

Resistant to corrosion

So that the steel sheet from which the roof trapezoidal sheets are made does not rust, it is provided with various protective layers. Alu-zinc alloy ensures the highest corrosion protection, even cut edges do not need to be aftertreated.

Alternatively, aluminum sheet metal panels are available, and this material will also be supplied treated. However, aluminum does not have the strength of steel and is more suitable for indoor use due to its high thermal expansion.

Properties of roof trapezoidal sheets

  • The panels can also be used with low roof pitches.
  • Algae and moss do not settle due to the coating.
  • Easy to clean and easy to clean.
  • Fast and individual roof installation.
  • Available in many sizes and colors, also as special cut.

A trapezoidal sheet roof cladding is not suitable for aggressive environments such as near the sea, chemical plants or biogas plants, the zinc layer would run away too quickly, resulting in rusting of the sheets.

The price of the supplier depends on the sheet metal type

Cheap trapezoidal sheets made of steel for the roof, there are already from 2.37 euros per square meter, high-quality sheets are in the price between 6, - and 15, - €, depending on sheet thickness. For insulated trapezoidal sheets you have to expect up to 25, - Euro.

  • schwedenbleche.de manufactures trapezoidal sheets of all kinds for roof and wall.
  • heldt-online.de offers steel trapezoidal profiles.
  • dachbleche24.de helps with a roof surface calculator in the calculation of the required amount of trapezoidal sheets.
Tips & TricksIf you want to provide additional protection against condensation, buy trapezoidal sheets for the roof, which are provided with an anti-condensation fleece. They dry by themselves with reduced humidity and prevent damage inside the building.
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