A Sea Container for Home & Garden

Does the name Malcom McLean (1913 - 2001) tell you something? No? You certainly know his invention: In the 1950s, the American came up with the ingenious idea of ​​shipping standard-sized transport boxes, now known as sea containers. He wanted to abolish or at least reduce the annoying and heavy drudgery in the ports.

But where to go with the furniture? In another room? Experience has shown that they are getting in the way, especially as the entire living environment rarely fits in the bathroom. So - and we are back at the container. Everything fits in perfectly. Safe and comfortable.

Flexible storage option for moving

You are aiming for a move. Normally, boxes, boxes and small items are stacked in every room, which nobody knows where to put them. After all, you still need it.

If you had a shipping container now, it could be stowed in everything that you no longer need before the big day of the move. The bedside table, your book collection, Grandma's old vase, the good dishes or a part of your wardrobe.

Cheap garden house - replacement

Of course, a container also offers as a basement replacement or garage. All the clutter that no human needs anymore, but which you can pick up - if you need it - can be accommodated in it. Dry, clean, protected. Neatly hung on hooks, stored in shelves, everything can be integrated into a container.

The following container sizes are particularly suitable for home and garden:

  • A 20 foot container measuring 6,058 m x 2,438 m as a garden shed, with windows and all the trimmings
  • 10 foot containers (2,991 m x 2,438 m) as a tool shed with a lockable door.

Speaking of garden sheds: The advantage of a container garden house compared to a log cabin lies in its mobility. The neighbor to your left is a bit exhausting? Then pack your container house and put it on the other side. A sea container can be insulated, equipped with electrical equipment, it is relatively high with 2,591 m and 2,896 m and it offers everything a wooden garden shed can do. Good - there may be one disadvantage: the container is made of solid steel. And what does steel do over time? Roast. But just as wood has to be treated, steel has to be cared for as well. But a sea container is also much cheaper to buy and you will be amazed. Just as Malcolm McLean would be today.

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