A skylight in the flat roof brings daylight into the house

Insulated, transparent and windproof

The requirement for a dome light is a thermal insulation that corresponds to the rest of the roof area. In addition, the transparent surface must be scratch-free and hail-proof as possible. Normally, curved acrylic sheets meet these requirements.

Often, a real glass insulating pane is pulled into the frame of the skylight dome as an additional insulating device. Due to its rounded shape, the acrylic glass dome is less susceptible to wind and precipitation like snow slides for the most part. Voll In most cases, fully transparent acrylic lenses are selected, which allow a view of around seventy percent on the sky and the sun. The insulating glass panes pulled in under the skylight block the sound of rain beating down.

Movable and with access

A movable dome with opening and closing mechanism can be equipped with a lifting mechanism that lifts the dome completely horizontally. The more common variant is the use of a lateral hinge, with which the dome light can be unfolded on one side.

If the skylight dome is to provide access to the flat roof, hinged hinges with the possibility to completely unfold the dome by 160 degrees are installed. This makes it possible to get onto the flat roof with a ladder.

Suppliers and costs

velux.de is a renowned brand manufacturer of roof window systems offering flat roof exit domes and closed skylights.

essmann.de is known as a manufacturer of skylight domes in many public buildings and also manages skylights with two- and three-shell acrylic glass dome.

  • stuermann.de offers not only hinged skylights but also hover wings with lifting gear.
  • hemaplast.com has roof skylights in addition to individual skylights.
  • The majority of the fixed glazed skylights for the flat roof are in the price range between 500 and 1000 euros. With opening mechanism prices start from around one thousand euros. Exit windows are offered by most manufacturers in only a few sizes.
  • Tips & TricksIn the case of electrically-powered skylights on the flat roof, an automatically functioning rain sensor with locking function should always be installed in order to prevent damage to the premises due to accidental opening of the skylight dome.
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