A skylight as skylight for the flat roof

The skylights are usually offered as skylights, these are available in round, rectangular or square shape in the trade. The material used is acrylic or impact-resistant polycarbonate.

Accessories such as heat and smoke extraction systems, sun protection for inside and outside, folding blinds, insect protection as well as electrical and manual opening systems are also offered.

Modern skylights for the flat roof offer excellent thermal insulation properties, a beautiful design, are optionally equipped with a rain sensor and a UV-resistant coating.

In the offer of the manufacturers you will find different skylights for a flat roof.

Round and pyramid-shaped armored cupolas

  • Electric domes as a roof exit
  • Round and pyramid-shaped acrylic domes
  • Special skylights with ventilation
  • Materials

Acrylic or plexiglass offers high light transmission and transparency. It has less web spacing compared to polycarbonate. Polycarbonate multi-wall sheets, which are also used for skylight in flat roofs, have a honeycomb structure. As a result, the review is somewhat limited.

Polycarbonate is highly impact resistant and has good fire properties, insensitive to shocks and scratches. It can be processed well with a commercial saw, which should be better left to a specialist.

The design determines the price of vendors

A simple tank dome is for a good 100, - Euro available, trapezoidal skylights cost depending on size between 125, - and 260, - Euro, electric roof exits cost around 1.700, - Euro. offers different light domes.

  • is a Swiss provider of skylights and skylights.
  • has light domes in different sizes in the assortment.
  • Tips & TricksSuper lights for the flat roof are available in addition to the different shapes and additional components. Make sure that the light diffusers are burglar-proof.
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