A special wall cladding with facade shingles

In addition to exterior plaster and panel cladding, the installation of facade shingles is a popular form of building beautification. With the materials wood, Eternit, fiber cement, Preolit, slate, aluminum or bitumen, very different optics can be created from irregular random patterns to rounded scales.

Types of use and forms of installation Ver Cladding with facade shingles is valued by many building owners as an attractive alternative. Smaller or larger individual shingles form an overall pattern that produces very different effects depending on the material and shape. Except for wood, the facade shingles are preferably used in one color and in some cases several colors are combined.

In the case of wooden facade shingles, on the one hand, the natural grain and textures are stylistic, on the other hand, multicolor and natural color gradients are deliberately used as a decorative element. The formative look complements modern architecture and emphasizes a natural "coziness effect" in older buildings.

Material Types and Optics

The range of optical solutions offered by façade shingles is large and, except for new buildings, also well suited for redrawing obsolete building walls, sides, protrusions and walls.

Facade shingles made of metals such as aluminum, zinc, copper or stainless steel are a popular design tool, especially in modern architecture.

  • The smooth, mostly monochromatic materials Eternit and fiber cement create restrained optics in which the structure of the scale pattern dominates.
  • The artificially produced materials Preolit ​​and bitumen are reminiscent of roofing felt cut into façade shingles, which are an inexpensive alternative.
  • The natural material wood is used in the form of facade shingles primarily for buildings in alpine space and at high altitudes and gives warm, individual looks.
  • Supply sources and prices

wittenauer-gmbh.de offers facade shingles made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper and zinc with or without color coating.

  • guentsch.de is a specialist distributor of bitumen and pre-lit products, which are suitable for both roofs and facade cladding.
  • dachbaustoffe.de produces facade shingles made of Eternit and fiber cement, which are also available under the name Strukturplatten.
  • holzschindeln.de makes products from beech, spruce, larch, oak or cedar, which are sawn or split and have very different qualities.
  • The price per square meter for façade shingles starts at ten euros for Preolit, bitumen and fiber cement, and around thirty euros for wood and metal.

Tips & TricksIn addition to individual installation, prefabricated façade cladding panels, which are offered by many manufacturers, can also be installed.

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