Even an ax wants to be sharpened

The ax is often neglected when it comes to grinding. Most users are unaware that they can significantly reduce the effort with a properly sharpened ax. On the other hand, however, "tools" are often used for grinding and sharpening an ax, which are completely unsuitable.

The splitting ax must not be ground

A typical tool used here is the angle grinder (Flex). The problem is above all the speed. Due to the very high speed much kinetic energy is converted into a corresponding amount of heat.

The metal alloy can even glow. This in turn equals uncontrolled sintering of the metal. The metal becomes brittle and harder. It breaks much faster. Therefore, such measures for sharpening an ax are completely unsuitable.

Sharpen the splitting ax like a knife

Rather, a splitting ax should be ground just like any knife. The most suitable are grinding stones. Here is to pay particular attention to the different grits of the grindstones. Grindstones 200 grit for rough damage

Gritstone 400 to 600 grit for basic smoothing and sanding

  • Gritstone grit 1,000 to 1,500 for fine sanding
  • Grinding and sharpening the ax with grindstones
  • The grindstones should be placed in water well in advance of their use. When grinding the angle of the Spaltaxtschneide must be strictly observed. The first one is ground, then the other side. The grinding takes place in circular forward and backward movements. Keeping the right angle is not difficult. You just have to "feel" how the cutting edge rests on the whetstone.

During grinding, it is then repeatedly rinsed with water. However, do not sand under running water, because the grain dissolves so something of the grindstone and should promote the cut. First, each side is ground with the grindstone of the appropriate grain size. Once this operation is completed, the next finer cut is made with the appropriate grindstone with the larger grain size. Again, first one, then the other side is ground.

Aftertreatment of the sharpened splitting ax

Important: especially at the first coarse grinding, the cutting edge may well deviate slightly from the middle, so it is easy to sand off. Once the second side is ground, then the central cutting edge is restored. After grinding, the splitting ax is still cleaned and dried. After that it can be treated with a suitable oil such as creeping oil or machine oil to prevent corrosion.

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