Trapezoidal sheets for the wall are mainly made of treated sheet steel, aluminum and stainless steel versions are also possible. Insulated sheets, so-called sandwich panels, contain a hard foam core, which provides insulation.

If the wall cladding is additionally provided with a copper alloy, a slightly higher price can be expected. This treatment brings visual and technical advantages. Trapezoidal sheets with fleece prevent the ingress of condensation into the building. Tra All trapezoidal sheets, whether for walls or roofs, get their color through a special dyeing technique. The colors range from ivory, gray, beige to various reds, blue, green to dark gray and anthracite.

Wall trapezoidal sheets can be used variably and enable individual design. Available are

different material thicknesses

a wide range of RAL colors

trapezoidal sheets with an insulating layer of polyurethane

  • panels with fleece
  • sheets with open or concealed fastening
  • different profile shapes
  • The different prices of the manufacturers result from the quality of the sheets
  • Get a price the trapezoidal sheets at 2, - Euro per square meter, colored sheets cost between 6, - and 13, - Euro, insulated wall panels are priced between 15, - and 23, - Euro. Who looks around for special items, always finds cheap offers for complete packages.
  • regularly offers special items for wall panels. has trapezoidal sheets for wall and ceiling in the range. offers a complete service around trapezoidal sheets.

  • Tips & Tricks When working with trapezoidal sheet metal for the wall, you should only use equipment that does not generate heat. Otherwise it can lead to galvanizing and the resulting rust formation.
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