A trapezoidal sheet with fleece absorbs condensation

Trapezoidal sheets are often used on uninsulated roofs. This can quickly lead to the formation of condensation and condensation. With an appropriate amount, this can drip down and cause damage. A fleece on the trapezoidal panel absorbs this moisture.

Temperature differences generate humidity

Especially in garages, garden sheds, carports or agricultural storage rooms, a constant temperature is not necessarily required. However, due to the lack of insulation, there is also the danger that sweat or condensation will form due to the different indoor and outdoor temperatures.

If this occurs in an appropriate amount, this can lead to damage. The roof structure may be affected by rust, animals may be disturbed or stored goods will be damaged.

Who wants to prevent this, chooses trapezoidal sheets, which are equipped with an anti-condensation fleece. This absorbent fleece is located at the bottom, so on the non-visible side of the sheets. A fleece is usually applied before rolling out the trapezoidal sheets.

In the past, manufacturers still differentiated between winter fleece and summer fleece. In the meantime, the standardization has been adopted, the adhesive effect has been improved accordingly.

Properties of an anti-condensation fleece

  • Independent drying at reduced humidity
  • Additional corrosion protection
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • Easy cleaning by rinsing
  • The coating also has a sound-absorbing effect

The cheapest prices for trapezoidal sheets with fleece are 8.05 Euro, otherwise between 13.45 and 17.80 euros per square meter.

  • trapezblech-muenker.com is a manufacturer of trapezoidal sheets with fleece.
  • mydach24.de offers trapezoidal sheets with fleece and gives practical tips.
  • At dachplattenshop24.de you can buy trapezoidal sheets with fleece.
Tips & TricksBe careful ventilation of the fleece coating so that it can dry off again due to natural evaporation. Contamination by greases, lubricants or damage should be avoided, only so the fleece can fulfill its function.
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