The roof cover

The verge is the name for the roof edge of a flat roof or slightly sloped roofs. This is surrounded by a folded metal profile, which is attached to the substructure and glued to the seal. Schäden The different material properties of the seal and the material of the end profiles can cause damage. The attachment must be made so that rainwater can not get under the roof trim panel.

To avoid this

there must be a clean and dry surface.

completely rework damaged areas

  • if all metal and plastic parts are cleaned
  • seal off the transition between the bituminous waterproofing membrane and the metal sheets with a sealant.
  • The materials
  • It is up to you what material you choose for the temporary sheet metal. Zinc is slightly more expensive than aluminum, but also more durable. Aluminum verge plates get the weather influences oxidation points, which looks dirty and gray after some time.

Galvanized steel sheet is another material alternative, but it should be pretreated with primer and weatherproof varnish. The noble and high-priced design is copper. It uses natural patina over time to improve its corrosion resistance.

The usual dimensions for the flat roof roof gutters are 250 x 200 mm or 333 x 130 mm. They are available in lengths of one and two meters in stores and online shops.

The material pays the price to the suppliers

The price for a two-meter zinc sheet fence is between € 6.10 and € 8.20, depending on the cut. Single-sided colored coated aluminum-Ortgangblech is, also in two meters length, for 14.60 euros to have. Sheets made of copper cost about 15, - Euro per meter. offers zinc breaker plates. offers sheets made of different materials.

  • You will also find something at
  • Tips & TricksWhen installing on the flat roof, the verge plates should always have an overlap of about 10 cm. This ensures the tightness.
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